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The Loose Rooster Ranch

Live Life Like Someone Left The Barn Door OPEN

Who We Are

We are a woman based business, and family operated since 2014. At The Loose Rooster, we are focused on providing DIY education (beekeeping, chicken education, horsemanship, crafting: making products from what we raise and grow: Natural soapmaking, growing fresh vegetables grown with the highest levels of care and love. – Striving daily to be a successful urban sustainable farm, with a variety of produce to choose from. We supply local restaurants and customers in Silicon Valley too! Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. 

We are an Urban Farm on almost 5 acres. Located in the little niche farming area of Brentwood/Discovery Bay, California. Part of the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Here you will find a smaller, rich-fertile land, and farming community. Brentwood is notoriously noted for producing most of California's almond crops. At Loose Rooster Ranch, we take advantage of that fertile growing soil, and grow incredibly amazing tasting arugula, bok-choy, all different types of squash, zucchini, beets, kale, peppers and spinach.  

We started from scratch in 2014, on land that had not been cultivated in a decade or more. Our biggest challenge is time and controlling weeds since we are registered organic. Since we are weekend warriors (we have Techie day jobs Monday thru Friday) we have limited time to work the farm.  

Yet, we prevail and every year make more improvements and produce more!

In the first two years we struggled with success and failure to see what would grow. The soil which was not altered at all is rich in nutrients, good bugs and has natural fertilizer (from our horses, chickens and composts). We are excited to be growing what the soil produces and to be adding plants and trees monthly to our 4.75 acre ranch.

Our birds: We have bred a very hearty variety of chickens that are a cross between Buff Orphingtons, Leghorns, Wyandottes, Austrolorps, Americanas, and American Game Birds. They will produce medium/large sized eggs for years. These hens are native to California, born and raised generations on the ranch, not from mail order or feed stores.

These birds are very tolerant to disease, hot dry temps, and freezing cold weather. In fact we had a 12 year old rooster, named Sweet Pea - the Grand Daddy to them all! We lost him in 2016, but he would crow every morning and could be found nestled in with his two girls, in our front acre. His son, Pretty Boy has now replaced him, as our mascot, as he keeps up the family business

We have six horses of various breed and in various stages of training. Some have shown for years in the California State Horseman's Association circuit shows, and some have been shown at the Reno Livestock center! The owner, is a long time horse owner & trainer. She has adopted & trained 3 Mustangs, as well as participated many years in the Mustang Makeover in Reno, NV. She held various positions through the years with the Golden State Appaloosa Horse Association including President in the early 2000's. 

The ranch has 4 goats, which are mostly weed abatement. They are fun to watch. One is hired as a 'guard goat' warning to strangers, he will defend the property! He loves carrots as payment.

Coco and Crispy or (Cocoa crispy) are the most friendliest Lamancha goats and love kids - Come see them and get a "kiss"

The ranch currently has 2 medium sized dogs. Both rescued.

Lodi is a golden-red, handsome neutered Carolina Dog and is about 4 years of age.  Aria is a shiny black colored dog, sweet, quiet, border collie mix, spayed 6 years old is a love bug.

Before COVID, we commuted long hours to our day jobs (Sunnyvale). (5 hours a day!) Now we have been blessed to work from home, but there is still so much to maintain and we do not have bandwidth to open to the Public while we are trying to get things done at the Ranch.  Weekends we are extremely busy running the ranch has been a challenge. We have one tractor which we use for everything. We opened a "small farm stand" in March 2017, and a POP-UP shop in December 2019.  However we closed the Ranch to Public in March of 2020 and maintained "private" sales to our CSA and customers up until August of 2021.  The ranch is now permanently closed the the Public (or until further notice)

Our grand opening was May 1, 2017 and you now see the sign "The Loose Rooster Ranch" and the big rooster in the front of the house. When we are open we fly our banners OPEN and ENTRANCE flags.

In the Spring of 2018, the barn was painted blue. It has honeybees, honey pot and sunflowers. This is where the farm stand was.  A great success since we could capture Discovery Bay residents attention and be in close proximity to service the community of Discovery Bay and South-Eastern Brentwood.

We have participated in local craft fares as well as Company vendor fairs in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. If you want us to come to your company - please get in touch with me - 925-308-7126 or [email protected]

Check back for updates regularly. Last update: Aug 8, 2021

Note from owner: I am a weekend warrior - I still work a full time job for a Tech company in Silicon Valley! I am not a farmer by trade! I am like most of you and work full time Monday - Friday! I am an IT Project Manager and Functional Operations Manager, and have been working for Fortune 500 companies (Google, NetApp, Yahoo, Cisco Systems) in Silicon Valley for the last 30 years!. It has made me able to pursue my dream and put my management and operations skills to great use for the community.

I cannot tell you how much we learn from animals in this short paragraph. They are vital to a well rounded individual that contributes to our communities- they teach us decision making, patience, service and leadership. Please check out my linked-in profile & articles  

Loose Rooster Ranch - Live life like someone left the barn door open! Our mission is to provide the San Francisco Bay Area, and those visiting globally, an opportunity to experience a successful, educational and urban sustainable ranch that provides awareness, training, and motivation for future urban cross-over agricultural warriors. 

~Agriculture is playing catch up with technology and partnering hand in hand (solar, wind power, water conservation, tech tools for ag, etc), and we are the brink of the next big disruption - people demanding to eat fresh, to know where their food comes from, to grow their own crops, to live with a minimal footprint on the Earth, but that still need to work a TECH job!. Work life balance at its best.

(shown here is Katrina Lomax, training her Mustang named "Sunday" to participate in the Mustang Makeover at the Reno Livestock Center)

Why Us?

We care about eating fresh. We want you to eat fresh and be healthy. Our chickens and roosters are happy strutting around and picking at the green leaves and all you can eat bugs. We are local to the Discovery Bay & Brentwood California communities. We support fellow farmers and support those in need.  

In 2017 we donated over 800 pounds of zucchini and squash to the local churches and food pantries.

Crossover agricultural weekend warriors: We are not born farmers, but we learned farming from generation farmers. We succeed in some things and have failed in others. We are professional high-tech Silicon Valley workers - just like some of you, and we commute daily to our jobs. This is our after hours and weekend passion.  

We are trying to do our best to give back to mother nature, educate the youth and, support the diminishing farm-style way of life.